Official Program

Download the D&RS 2016 Official Program!

D&RS 2016 is a joint effort of the Decommissioning and Environmental Science (DES) and Robotics and Remote Systems (RRS) Divisions.  This meeting serves as a forum for the discussion of the social, regulatory, scientific, and technical aspects of decontamination, decommissioning, reutilization, waste management and the use of remote technology.  The 2016 conference program will include commercial, government, and international project updates and will present project management, technology, and regulatory developments in the areas of decommissioning, waste management, site closure, and legacy management.  DR&S 2016 is co-sponsored by 11 international professional societies.  The keynote speakers and panelists for the Opening Plenary are listed below.


Session Organizer: Gale Hauck (Westinghouse)

Chair: Yves Brachet (Westinghouse), Gale Hauck (Westinghouse)

Location: Grand Station I-II 8:30 am



Bill Magwood (NEA)


Alejandro Tomas Rodriguez Fernandez (Westinghouse Spain) Bill Zipp (Dominion)

Anthony Orawiec (Exelon of Zion Station)

David Allard (Pennsylvania Bureau of Radiation Protection) Jorgen Pederson (RE2 Robotics)

Robin Murphy (Texas A&M University) John Hubball (Westinghouse)




Session Organizer: James J. Byrne (Byrne & Associates) Session Chair: Tom LaGuardia (LaGuardia and Associates)

Location: Grand Station I-II 5:30-8:00 pm

This session brings together leaders from the previous wave of large reactor decommissioning to discuss issues and lessons learned that are still relevant to today’s decommissioning programs.


The Trojan Experience, Lansing Dusek (Fluor)

The Yankee Experience, Russ Mellor (Shipsrock Consulting LLC) San Onofre 1 experience, Richard St.Onge (Black & Veatch)

The Evolution of the Decommissioning Operations Contractor, Thomas Nauman (EnergySolutions)

The Nuclear Regulatory Experience, Bruce Watson (NRC)



Session Organizer: James J. Byrne (Byrne & Associates)

Location: Grand Station II 1:15-4:00 pm

Three Mile Island Unit 2 Today and Future Plans, Mike Casey (FENOC) Chornobyl Thirty Years After, Desmond Chan (Bechtel National, Inc.)

NEA Expert Working Group Report on Fukishima Waste Management and Decommissioning R&D, Michael Siemann (NEA) Discussion on PENTEK Machines at Fukishima and Thinking Outside the Box, Sheldon Lefkowitz (Pentek) Overbooking Decommissioning (

Use of Remote Technology in Hazardous Environments, Rod Rimando (DOE)

There is also a comprehensive technical program, a Technology Expo, technical tours, and numerous networking activities and opportunities for attendees and guests.  Check back often for updates!   For more information or any questions about the meeting, please contact Jim Byrne at or Sue Aggarwal at