About Conference

Conference Purpose

In 2016, the DES and RRS divisions will host a Decommissioning and Remote Systems (D&RS) Joint Topical Meeting. The D&RS 2016 topical meeting is anticipated to draw over 300 professionals from the decommissioning, environmental, and remote systems industries. The ANS Topical D&RS Meeting is a forum for the discussion of the social, regulatory, scientific, and technical aspects of decontamination, decommissioning, and reutilization, and waste management.


The 2016 program will include commercial, government, and international project updates and technology developments in the areas of decommissioning, waste management, and site closure and legacy management. The meeting will also feature a Professional Development Workshop on EPA’s Radiation Risk Assessment Training and an exciting technical tours program.

International Participation

International attendance at D&RS meetings and ANS meetings in general has always been significant as participation by various government and commercial organizations from other countries is highly encouraged.

Technology Transfer

Knowledge of experience gained in other countries on similar decommissioning projects is conveyed during sessions on topics such as waste management, stewardship, and decommissioning.

Technology Expo

A technical exhibit will be held in conjunction with the meeting, bringing together exhibitors from a wide range of companies in the D&D and Robotics industries. These exhibits will allow meeting participants to learn about cutting-edge products and technologies that are directly applicable to their current projects.

Business Opportunities

The broad spectrum of companies and government organizations participating in the D&RS topical meeting makes it an excellent setting to conduct business and teaming discussions.

Social Events

Meet up with your colleagues at the Sunday cocktail reception, Monday’s Gateway Clipper Dinner Cruise, a Pittsburgh Brewpub, or possibly a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game at PNC Park.

More information

For more information, please visit drs.ans.org or contact:

James Byrne at jbyrne4424@comcast.net or 717-676-6600.